Scheduling and Communicating

Our Process


Upon acceptance of our proposal, we will place your job on our work schedule. At the time we met with you to estimate your job, we gave you our approximate backlog. We apologize for any delay in getting to your project, but we are also proud of our business and our customers. You will receive a call from our office informing you of our estimated start date. We realize the importance of your schedule, so we give you as much notice as possible. If you have any special considerations or conditions, please let us know and we will do the very best we can to accommodate you and to make special arrangements. When we are getting closer to the time for your project, we will contact you to arrange a time to go over your color selections and final details with respect to the actual day and time we will commence your job.

Weather and Other Effects on Scheduling

We make every attempt to keep our schedule on track, however, weather plays havoc on our schedule. For example, a rainy period can move our schedule back by one or many days. This delay affects jobs that are in progress as well as your job’s schedule. In addition, all jobs scheduled prior to your job affect the schedule. Another example is if a customer requests additional work to be done, or unforeseen events occur on a particular job. Our company and our employees are dedicated to quality and detail to each and every job and, therefore, we will stay on a job until it is completed according to our industry and professional standards. This same dedication to detail and quality will be undertaken on your job as well and necessarily may cause delays with jobs that follow your project. As you can see, many variables affect the scheduling of our work. We are familiar with the anxiety that goes along with the wait (remember, we are homeowners too). We will continue to keep you updated and informed. If you do have a problem, question or concern, please do not hesitate to call us.


Communication is key! We aspire to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and each of our employees associated with your job wants an A+. Communication ensures that we make the grade. Your project will continuously be inspected by us throughout the course of its completion. If you have any concern during the completion of your project, please bring it to our attention immediately so that we can take immediate action to resolve it.

Job Sign

With your permission, we will place a small, aesthetically tasteful sign in your yard. Oftentimes your neighbors inquire about the craftspeople working at your home.
We are a licensed contractor in the State of Michigan

For Your Peace of Mind

We are covered by insurance – so you are covered

SPECIAL NOTE: There are many unlicensed and uninsured “contractors.” To protect yourself, ask to see their state issued license which they are required to carry on their person. Be sure to ask for proof of insurance, both liability and workers’ compensation, by asking that a “Certificate of Insurance” be sent to you directly from their insurance company. Before making your decision, first obtain the necessary documentation (their state license meaning the contractor has undergone stringent state examinations) and proof of insurance (so you are also protected). Your investment deserves the highest quality of professionalism and a company that is equipped for the job.